About Kandoo


Kandoo is the premiere fitness, fun and fundraising program with proven solutions for schools at all levels. It’s a hassle-free solution that makes your PTA or PTO fundraising activities far more efficient and less painful than ever before.

This is the original Fundraiser In A Box, with complete step-by-step instructions on how to set up your fundraiser, how to gain maximum participation, and how to maximize fundraising efforts.
Leading up to the Big Event, Kandoo teaches children important lessons about building self-esteem, maintaining physical fitness, eating balanced diets and helping others. We’re not one of those “fun run” fundraisers—though our kids do run and they do have fun! Where others get kids excited about earning cheap prizes, Kandoo aims at much higher, longer lasting goals.

How is Kandoo Different?

First, Kandoo is all about giving back, not about earning overpriced knickknacks. Our Big Event is a fun-filled Obstacle Course filled with all kinds of character-building opportunities, teamwork activities and more. In an inspiring, engaging and often hilarious week-long program, we explore what every child needs to know about physical fitness, nutrition and more. All of this leads up to the big event: our multi-station obstacle course that challenges every child according to his physical capabilities and turns every participant into a winner.

Each child is sponsored by friends and relatives, and in the process, you raise money for your school or organization.

Fundraising In A Box

Our themes and programs are designed to cbox-mock-upomplement national curricula topics for every grade level, so there’s strong continuity with what teachers are already covering or planning to cover.

Especially convenient is that virtually everything you need comes in a single box. The educational material, the promotional posters, handouts, and protocols are all included  with easy-to-follow videos and instructions. (Certain materials, such as T-Shirts and prizes, may be provided separately according to school size, number of students, etc.). We even provide materials for informing parents and getting them to support your school administration/staff and PTO in this exciting new fundraising program.

On top of all that, Kandoo offers the most attractive pricing schedule in the nation. Your school keeps more of what is raised!

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