It’s time to make fundraising fun again…and even better…to make it more convenient for your school staff, teachers or PTO.

Kandoo brings together all the elements you need for a successful fundraiser: fun for the children, rewards for teachers, and motivation/involvement for parents and friends. There are no products to sell door to door. No magazines. No candy. Instead, we give you a turn-key fundraising program designed to outperform every other fundraising technique you’ve ever tried.

And by the way, you’ll be happy to learn that our revenue split is the best in the industry: 80% of all funds raised go directly to your school (versus just 40 or 50% available through other programs).

In just ten days, Kandoo gets your whole school involved.

collage3The Kandoo Kick Off

Begin your fundraiser with a brief email campaign provided by Kandoo that notifies parents that something BIG is in the works–and prepares them to help their children engage in the program successfully.  The fundraiser will run approximately two weeks, giving the kids plenty of time to spread the word to family, friends and neighbors. All this leads up to the Big Event, the Kandoo Obstacle Course.

 playground-300x300-09Kandoo Big Event Day

The Kandoo Fundraiser in a Box Program includes everything you need to promote and stage the Big Event. We designed the course to accommodate every grade level, and all of the children are encouraged to participate.  Parents often attend as well as leading the cheers as their kids maneuver through the course.  Many times, older students decide to “buddy up” with those less  physically able to help them through the course, encouraging teamwork.

After completion, everyone wins. Students carry positive lifetime health habits throughout their lives and your school benefits financially.



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