Why Kandoo?


Kandoo is definitely not your run-of-the-mill fun run. Kandoo is a fun-packed fundraising program leading up to a challenging, multi-station obstacle course that drives home a wealth of lessons. Childhood obesity is a major health crisis among kids today. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of children are overweight or obese. (See http://www.cdc.gov/healthyschools/obesity/facts.htm.)

It has been said that this generation could very well have a shorter life span than the present generation because of this condition.

Most fundraisers involve high fat, high calorie food sales that promote anything but health among our younger generation. Kandoo is a truly effective fundraiser that gets children involved, moves them in a positive direction, and teaches them important principles like eating right, helping others and taking responsibilities. That is what Kandoo is all about.

Fundraising That Really Works

Kandoo has been shown to considerably outperform other fundraising programs by as much as 60-70%. Just one Kandoo event can raise more than several other events combined.

box-mock-upTurn-Key Programs In a Box

Virtually everything you need to conduct a successful fundraiser is included.  Kandoo provides all the materials used by the students and teachers to experience a successful event.

Fresh, Unique New Content

The Kandoo daily lessons are tied into the national curriculum with each lesson including some form of physical exercise. With highly creative new modules being created every year, there’s always fresh new material even if you have Kandoo events more than once a year.

Advanced Online Pledging Tools

We make it easy for your students to enlist donors. Your school will have its own Kandoo Sponsor Portal, with customized content about the school, its financial goals and campaign events. Friends and family can sponsor the child of their choice with just a few clicks and convenient credit card payment options.

No Student Left Behind

We’re very sensitive to the fact that not all students are equally able to engage in physical activities. For that reason, we gear our lessons around the concept of 100% participation. If for any reason a student cannot find a sponsor, he or she still gets to participate with full access to all activities. It’s extremely important that the child feels engaged and proud of his or her involvement.

All this plus it’s a whole lot of fun!

Bill QuinnWhy Kandoo?